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December 1st, 2010

Cane Funiture

Cane furniture has been the obvious choice for garden and conservatoryliving for decades. The manufacture of cane furniture, however, calls for a high degree of skill on the part of the workers. Such skill is found to be traditional. In the manufacture of cane furniture.

Our range of well fabricated and nicely carved polished rattan and cane furniture like rattan sofa set, cane rattan sofa set, cane furniture, rattanstools, designer cane sofa sets, designer cane chairs are made from fine quality cane. These canes are crafted and designed by our seasoned and competent craftsmen and designers. Further, the effective use of various advanced crafting machines assist us to bring exclusive designs and patterns in these furnitures.

Rattan and cane furniture is a product of artistic design made with the combination of rattan and cane. Rattan is one of nature’s strongest woods that can grow up to some hundred feet high and is extremely strong and durable. Cane is a material used for weaving chair seats and other furniture within the frames of rattan. Caning material is derivedfrom the skin of rattan vines grown mostly in Indonesia. Although rattan and cane furniture is originated in regions of Indonesia yet it gained worldwide popularity. Rattan cane doesn’t trash and is ideal for making furniture. Rattan and cane furniture is made up of solid core, therefore much more durable and harder to break. For making rattan and cane furniture firstly cane is being cut into smaller sections and then the same are molded into different shapes of frames for various furniture items.

Rattan and cane furniture is very lightweight and flexible to a certain extent.Rattan and cane furniture is also easy to maintain as it can be painted like many other kind of wood. Rattan and cane furniture really adds a pleasure and comfort to your home décor. As it is designed after keeping in consideration the requirements and tastes of all sections of society. Each type of rattan and cane furniture differs in terms of used material, design and cost. All what buyer has to do is to identify the type of rattan and cane furniture most suited to their tastes and needs. The designs of our suites are extensive and if the design you require is not available in our range then we may be able to manufacture to your design and specification.

Manufacturer and Exporter

We are manufacturer and exporter of cane furniture in Pakistan. Established in 1988. We can serve 40 container 40ft per month and we have factory for 9000 sq m2 size area. Sair International Cane Furniture as the one of largest cane furniture exporter want to get the biggest demand in cane furniture business and take the World Trade Market. Sair International Cane Furniture is aim any kind of buyers and customers, Sair International Cane Furniture accept the rattan furniture importer, wholesales, and also retailer shop that selling furniture in retail. Sair International Cane Furniture with the capability of human resources and infrastructures is having a huge respond from the customer which are coming from many countries. We look forward to the future with great confidence as we continue to strive for even greater success andincreased customer satisfaction. It’s our pleasure doing business with your company and we anticipate a mutually beneficial, long term relationship.

Product Care – Maintenance & Cleaning

It is important to note that cane furniture is a natural product. This means that it will be subject to variations in color and shades – these are the unique characteristics that make every item different. Maybe you will notice that your furniture might creak slightly at times. These are not flaws, but a part of its natural beauty.

If your cane furniture is placed in a conservatory, it is recommended that you periodically move it around so that all the areas have equal sun exposure. You may also install blinds or throw pillows to reduce sun exposure.
Wipe your furniture with a soft and slightly damp cloth. You can use an occasional polish to help keep the cane look its best. However, do not use abrasive creams, thinners, and benzene.
Do not drag the furniture when moving it because this will split the cane. Please ensure that you lift it as you move it.
Turn your cushions regularly so that the sun fading of the fabric will be even.
Do not store your cane furniture in wet areas or high humidity areas where mildew and mold might form. Examples are crawl spaces or basements where it can’t get adequate air circulation.
If you notice mildew or mold growing on your furniture, you should use a strong bleach solution in warm soapy water, and then rinse it well. Let it dry outdoors in a warm and windy day or in the sunshine. Just be careful not to spill your bleach solution on any of your cane furniture’s surrounding wooden frame.
If you notice a hole becoming bigger or a few broken strands, you can place a padded cushion over your seat so that you can extend its use for months or years.